Digital Photography

Digital photography is a way of taking photos with a camera without having to use a film as was once traditional with most cameras. Nowadays digital cameras are designed to take digital images without the need for camera films. So, here you take a photo, the camera stores it in its digital memory and then you can have it printed off as you like. In some cases you may simply hook up your digital camera to a computer and print the photos yourself. Or, you can take your memory card or email photos to shops that will print them out for you.

Digital cameras come in all shapes and sizes nowadays and will produce varying results depending on their capabilities. You can, for example, buy small key ring sized digital cameras for kids, use cameras that are built into your mobile phone or buy a specific digital camera. Popular models include compact digital cameras (where you simply point the camera and take your photo) and SLR models (which you can manipulate more before you take a photo).

The quality of photos that you get from a digital camera will depend on the megapixels that the camera can cope with. The more megapixels a camera has the better quality of image it can produce. So, cameras with low megapixels may be great for photos that you will simply email to other people or mess around with on your PC but high megapixel counts will give you the kind of high quality image that you would get from a standard film camera.

Most digital cameras will come with some on board memory storage that you can use to store photos. But, bear in mind that this is unlikely to be able to hold a lot of photos and most cameras will need some kind of other memory option. Popular choices here include removable memory cards and sticks which simply slot into the camera and store photos for you.

Most digital cameras nowadays come with a viewing screen at the back of the camera. This allows you to see the photo you have taken as soon as you take it. So, if the photo hasn't worked or you don't like it then you can delete it instantly and try again until you get it right. Many cameras will also allow you to take short videos on your camera as well which can be useful. People that use digital cameras also find it useful to be able to load the photos that they have taken on to a computer for storage and editing.